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Think in multiple languages

Think in multiple languages
Alaudae.JP confirmed how to build a web in Joomla, which can be multilingualized, And I wanted to make the unofficial country sisters fan site multilingual.

We currently operate in Japanese, Czech and English.
The official Country Sisters fan site is all multilingual, Some contents of Alaudae.JP are not supported yet. The unsupported content can be made into multiple languages at any time if there is enough time.

What to think on a multilingual site that has been around for a month and a half.

It's a pain to spend time for writing language for updating blogs and announcements. But it's fun to know grammar and words in a language you don't know.

However, since it is an automatic translation, I'm most worried about the meaning of the sentence. However, I think that I can convey my feelings because I check each one myself and document it.

This is an experience because there is a ridiculous meaning when it is a copy and paste for automatic translation.
There is no complete, perfect website.Also, automatic translation is a tool to the last, and you should only correct the mistakes pointed out.

There are things that cannot be translated even with such convenient automatic translation.
Banners, images, etc. Even on a site that uses a fully automated translation tool, the banner and images cannot be translated into multiple languages, which makes the impression worse.
In particular, there are a lot of sites that have been automatically translated to maintain the old layout.

There is no point in terms of management. Multilingualization from the user's perspective is important.
With Joomla, anyone can operate the site without any effort after setting the foundation for the first Web construction.

The website you are watching right now is the answer. Do you think it is a lie?

Wuhan pneumonia, Wuhan virus is a difficult situation, but even in a difficult world situation, it is important to make steady efforts in anticipation of a bright future.

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