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What kind? {
  Joomla!: CMS Construction;
  Versatile: Web Site;
What else? {
    In a Plan: Follow;
    Extension: Japaneseization;
    Templates: Japaneseization;

There is no ability like a web design company;

But I know how to build a website with Joomla!
Set up extension functions and templates in the requested plan, and prepare a website that you can manage.

Ultimate Web Site;

Eternal unfinished.It is important to continue than to complete.What do you pay attention to on the website you update every day?

Work Efficiency

Make it a little easier

Web design that can save time efficiently

Keep up to date


It is also important to maintain and advance the Web.

Mobile Friendly


Building a website independent of device screen size.


Anyone can see

Multilingualization is essential in the future Internet society!

Power injection project!;

Web construction plan

#Web construction plan

— 6 packs available
View plan
Handicraft Store Alaudae.JP

#Store Alaudae.JP

— Handcraft & Material Sales
View store
Country Sisters・Unofficial Fan Site

#Country Sisters

— Unofficial Fan Site
View Site
The Internet is constantly evolving.

Necessary Tools

Is it impossible to learn infinite information, but do I have to learn all about web building?
A tool that learns and knows the minimum basics should be fine.

SEO Measures

SEO measures are important, but there is no point if the website is sparse due to too much attention.
The result of steady efforts is the biggest SEO measure.

Internet world

Infinite world.Emphasis on common sites? Can you find it on a common web page? Are you satisfied with common words?
There is an answer that can be seen with such a question.

Not bad but not bad,