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Implement security tools

Implement security tools
In the process of repairing a handicraft site that wants to do some craft work quickly.
Today, I wanted to introduce a security tool to the handicraft site, so I tested the Shin-Nini extension which I made myself to be Japanese with the main Alaudae.JP.

The results are good, this is also available outside of the store site, so I will continue to use this in the main Alaudae.JP.
So the day is near when the handicraft site will just proceed to finish the template and relaunch it.

But why do we have security tools and such?
Even if you want to make the most of the CMS functions, you can't be relieved if you use the minimum necessary CMS functions.

Because the CMS can be expanded in many ways, it is essential to add extended functions and introduce security tools according to the purpose of use.
There is always a risk of being attacked by multiple vulnerability bugs, etc.

There is nothing perfect in what humans make.
There is always a flaw somewhere.

This isn't just about Joomla or CMS.
Macs, iPhones, and iPads are at the same risk.

Even if a perfect site is not possible, it is important to do the minimum necessary things to prevent the site from being abused.
So even if I don't get any requests to build the web, as long as I'm running the site, I have a lot of web-related work to do.

Oh yeah, and what extensions have you added?
I need to know what's going on with that extension and how it's set up! If you ask me to build a web site for you, I'll tell you.

Time spent and hard-earned skills are an asset.
Dare I say it, anyone can find it if they surf the net!

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