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Immature me and Joomla4

Immature me and Joomla4
Joomla4 is still too rushed to be used as a working site.
This is my impression after touching it for about two weeks.

So I'm too lazy to learn how to build a Joomla web without extensions, so I'm doing Japanese translation and editing of extensions that I want to use in the future for testing. The extension developers I'm currently using are
  • Migration from Joomla 3.10 to Joomla 4
  • Developed as a new extension
  • Already discontinued development
Even if we exclude the discontinued extensions, about half of the extensions are scheduled to be newly developed, so we need to prioritize the maintenance of the web construction and the translation of the new extensions.

Translating is a good way to improve my skills, partly because there are not many Joomla users in Japan.
I often hear the words "Japanese" and "translation" used to describe Joomla every time, but this is because I don't understand English at all and can't remember it.

I've been using Joomla for about five years, and I've learned it to a certain extent, but if you ask me if I can build a web site without changing the English version, unfortunately, I can't understand the meaning of English words, and I can't move forward.
This is why it is essential for me to make extensions and such available in Japanese.

However, I think it is a problem of Joomla management that major version migration is not smooth.
The extensions are buggy, and it's disgusting that you can't use non-standard extensions for a while after migration.

Anyway, I can see the hard work of the developers to deal with this problem.

It is true that nothing is perfect from the start.
If you don't realize that it is the management that causes the decrease in users, you should realize that you will be turned away.

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