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Failure in the transition from J3 to J4

Failure in the transition from J3 to J4
After JP Konstra and JP standard, I noticed that I migrated JP stella from Joomla 3.10.2 to Joomla 4.0.3.
The number of Japanese language files in the admin panel is about 290 more than the number of English language files!

There is a difference in the number of extensions, but just to be sure, I also checked JP Konstra and JP standard, and the difference is about 300-400 files.
I had no choice but to migrate all the demo sites from J3 to J4 again.

What I found is that if you don't uninstall the J3 Japanese pack before migrating to J4, it will remain in the J4 Japanese language as well as other junk.
So if you uninstall the J3 Japanese language pack before you move to J4, you will have a few fewer Japanese language files than English language files.

And even if the extension is J4 compatible, put it in the trash and uninstall the component or module you are using.
After the migration to J4, install the used extensions and re-activate the components and modules that were put in the trash.

Also, there are some components and modules that cannot be migrated, so you need to reconfigure them or create new ones.
The important thing is that if you organize the contents of the site you are running on Joomla, you will not have trouble migrating.

By the way, if there are extensions that do not support J4, migration is naturally not possible.
I was wondering if I should explain it in more detail, but the handicraft contents have been delayed a lot, so I summarized it simply in writing this time.

Images from the transition from J3 to J4.

I did a keyword search for "Joomla Japanese" after a long time, but as usual, there are only official and a few useful websites.
No wonder the number of Joomla users is decreasing...

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