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Extension translations should be updated

Extension translations should be updated
Currently working on translating the Handicraft Store multilingual and extension EC into Japanese.
With the skills I had a few years ago, I couldn't understand the meaning of the settings, let alone the translation, so I gave up on the extension.

I was hoping that the standard Japanese translation would increase the pace of work, but it didn't work at all.
I checked carefully, and found that the meaning of the standard Japanese translation did not match the extension at all.

So I compared it with the original English version.
It is indeed translated, but the changes are not fixed, the whole thing is still an old translation, and the important latest English version is not translated at all, and it doesn't make sense.

So I've been working on creating a new Japanese version of the original English version with my own interpretation.
Even though it is tedious, I realized that it is necessary to rewrite the Japanese version for myself even if I use automatic translation.

The reason is simple: I'm not a translator.
I'm not a translator, so I don't distribute half-heartedly, and I can't do that.

However, if you were to use me, I would be responsible for correcting or adding the Japanese version of the extension with each update.
I think the most important thing in Japanese localization is to be able to make corrections and additions every time it is updated.

I don't understand English at all, but when it comes to the extensions I use, I don't just translate, I understand and translate.
That's why I can use it even without any Japanese support, which is strange...

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