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Fourth year of praying for people's happiness

Fourth year of praying for people's happiness
Today is the festival for girls.
March 3rd is the day when annual events are held to pray for the healthy growth of girls.

It is the day when the Alaudae.JP website is launched, which is becoming a regular event.
March 3, 2022 is the fourth year.

But this year, I am more sad than happy.
I am sad because I have come to know the Czech Republic and feel an affinity for Europe through my love for Country Sisters!

Is it the nature of rulers to take territory from other countries?
Why do we need to go to war?

There are many things to think about, but it seems that the feeling of wanting to leave a legacy of power and prestige in history when one can completely dominate a country has not changed.
In Japan, too, there are some people who are taking suspicious actions in the midst of this war.

It is also clear that Wuhan pneumonia is expected to last for several years, and considering the food crisis caused by climate change on a global scale, Japan, which relies heavily on imports, will face food shortages if things continue as they are.
But much of what the media stresses is all about raising prices for producers...

And the snowfall is above normal...
Building a handicraft store site in such a situation is a grief.

That's why it's delayed.
But I want to bring happiness to as many people as possible, so in my own way, I am moving forward as quickly as possible.

To deliver happiness from Alaudae.JP...

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