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There are countless social networking sites

There are countless social networking sites
There are a lot of whispers and rumors about social networking services these days, and I'm sure some of you are wondering what they are.

”The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)'s "To use the Internet with peace of mind”のHow SNS (Social Networking Service) works
”SNS is an abbreviation for Social Networking Service, which is a website membership service that allows registered users to interact with each other. It enables close user-to-user communication by making the world somewhat closed to friends, people with the same interests, or residents of neighboring areas. Recently, it has been increasingly used as a public relations tool for companies and organizations.”
In Japan, the term "social networking service" is used to describe any kind of social networking service.

In Japan, the term "SNS" mostly refers to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but in my opinion, SNS is anything that refers to online exchange sites and bulletin boards.
Therefore, there are countless social networking applications and tools that can be used without registration, so please note that this is not the same as the concept of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Safe Internet Use.

Also, you may think that most of the world's Internet users are using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but that is not the case.
In some areas, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not available, or other social networking services are not available, so please think that I am referring to the most popular ones in Japan.

Now, the reason why I used SNS as a topic this time is because there was an article about it in a local newspaper.
In the past, I would have published the whole article as a reader, but now I'm fed up with the same paper as the national one, so please check the electronic version of your local paper for details.

In short, I think it is pointless to ask for a response to irresponsible statements, let alone comments on responsible statements on social networking sites.
The content of the article seems to have been based on something, even though it seems to have been corrected after the statement was made.
I would like to say that I am fed up with the fact that the paper is crowded with this kind of thing, and I would like to say that the media should realize this.

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