An idea that doesn't stick

You can be laughed at.

You can be laughed at.
We plan to add Czech to the language of Alaudae.JP site!

It was so quiet that I thought the web and handicrafts had been neglected.
You can be laughed at.

now considered the mother tongue of the Country Sisters


We are adding to the language of the Alaudae.JP site.
Not only English, but also Japanese sentences, I couldn't do it, and it was reckless for me to try 'Czech' which bothered me a lot.

But with the help of the Internet, I realized I could do it.
I'm not at all sure if I can make myself understood in Czech well.

Can we continue to think about what we can do with the Internet for nearly 20 years and cross the line again? My stupid challenge starts.

Don't look forward to it. Please wait!

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