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Verification of the cost of the site

Verification of the cost of the site
Today is Sunday and a holiday.
Even on my day off, I didn't have any plans, so I examined the cost of the Alaudae.JP site.
The reason for this is that I felt it was necessary to explain why my web build is so costly.

As explained in the web build, this is all a CMS build using the free Joomla!
We use a paid version of Joomla! because we emphasize security and the extensions are worth using.

The reason why I don't use the free version is because I want to focus on the security of the site as well as the ability to respond immediately to any problems that may arise.
Also, these are all foreign extensions and I've translated some of them into Japanese. It takes a lot of time to learn how to use the paid version in Japanese. So I don't have the ability to support the free version at all.

Here's the important thing.
Understand that you can't build the web as a volunteer.

Alaudae.JP is a service that allows you to use the knowledge you learned to build a web site with Joomla! We offer it at the price of
There are some things we can't do, even with a fee, so it's not uncommon for us to decline your request.
The explanation up to this point is explained in detail at Web Construction. If you are interested, please check it out.

Now here is the main subject.
Basically, each cost is based on a one-year contract and the currency is ¥,$,€.

Besides Joomla! there are other things you need in web building. It is a domain and server.
Is it easy to understand if you say the name of a store and store in the world of the Internet.
You cannot use Joomla! without this domain and server.

First, let's look at the prices of Alaudae domains.
Please note that there are a myriad of domains available and the prices vary depending on the vendor.

The domain '' costs 3,124 yen per year.

I own two other domain names, each with

Domain '' costs 1,628 yen per year
Japanese domain '' costs 1,309 yen per year

and a total of 6,061 yen will be the cost of the domain.
There is no limit to the number of domains. If you want to use all the same domain names, you can buy them all.
But remember, it will cost you every year to purchase them.

Next is the server.
The price of the server also differs depending on your home server or rental server, and Alaudae.JP has a domestic Use a rental server.

It is a must that you choose a server that can use Joomla!
Also, it is important to have your own domain and fast access to the site.
The other requirement is that I can use it to build a web site. If you have a server that you really want to use, you'll have to pay for it separately.

Alaudae uses a related rental server for our own domain related business.
We use one of the business plans for this server. We use one more plan for just in case.

That's why you can use 2 servers.
One server costs 10,370 yen per year, so if you use two servers, 20,740 yen per year will be the cost of a server.

And the important Joomla! extension.
Basically, I don't use anything other than paid extensions that are frequently updated or easy to use.
This is the most important thing to build a web site with Joomla! It's also the answer I gave.

What is currently developing within the Alaudae.JP site is

1. Enhanced security
2. Use of paid templates
3.Japanese version of extensions and Japanese localization
4. Multilingualization of Japanese, English and Czech
5. Basically an effective SEO strategy
6.With a backup function, which is often used in Joomla!

I don't use any other free or paid extensions except for the six points in 1.
I won't tell you the names and details of the extensions because this is a long story. I won't tell you the names of the extensions or the details because this story is too long.

The four extensions purchased in dollar currency cost $396.99 per year. (At 107 yen per dollar, it's about 42,478 yen)
Four extensions purchased in Euro currency also cost €244.72 per year. (At 120 yen per euro, it's about 29,366 yen)

These are the annual costs for each. The annual cost of each is listed as

6,061 yen Domain name
20,740 yen Rental server
42,478 Dollar Currency Joomla! Extension
29,366 yen Euro currency Joomla! extension

So, the total annual cost is about 98,645 yen.
plus $140.99 for the cost of paid images and processing tools (At 107 yen per dollar, it's about 15,086 yen) If you add in a few more, it will easily exceed 100,000 yen.

If you want to build the same web site as the Alaudae.JP site, if you want to build it all by yourself, you can use This means that you can build it for around 100,000 yen.
And if you want to outsource, you can expect to pay a customization fee plus labor costs.

simply put
If you want to do all the layout work yourself, the lowest price is 100,000 yen.
If you want to have a layout for this project and you want to do it yourself, the lowest price is 300,000-400,000 yen.
If you need an accurate translation, you can hire a professional translation company to do it for you, so the minimum price is about 300,000 yen. If you want an accurate translation, you'll need to hire an outside translation company, so the price starts at ?
The more work you outsource, the more it will cost you.

You just have to figure out if the cost of adding this minimum required paid extension is high or low!
Please remember that you can update and change the layout of the site by yourself after you start using it, and you will be able to increase the number of categories and pages in the future.

If you're looking for a website that's just cheap, the options are endless.
If you're looking for a web build that's different from others and other companies, it's definitely worth considering!

Czech was added and content revised on June 23, 2020.

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