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Doubting Joomla!

Doubting Joomla!
The year 2021 will be half over next month.
This year, Alaudae.JP is focusing on handicrafts, but we have not neglected to update Joomla to the latest version.

Every time I update Joomla, I have a question.
I wonder if they really want to do a major version.

Moreover, a few months ago, the developers of Akeeba, the most trusted extension for Joomla, were complaining about Joomla.
Even I, a person who doesn't understand English at all, could understand the comments of disappointment and indignation.

That's how important an extension developer's frustration is.
To be honest, I thought that I would have to start all over again with WordPress if the Akeeba extension was removed.

I hope all those doubts and fears are in vain!

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