Web Construction!

Redirect page was in 404 state

Redirect page was in 404 state
The old man is busy updating the handicraft store.
I'm not feeling very well, and my plans to take it easy in the mornings and holidays are now nearing noon.

JP changed to the latest template about three months after the renewal.
I thought it would be okay because I fixed a lot of things and confirmed it...

But it was a mistake, and I found that the redirect page was displaying 404 pages frequently.
I don't think that's possible, but after examining many things, I realized that my mistake was the cause.

So I've been working on fixing the redirection page since this afternoon.
It took me a long time to realize that the cause of the discomfort I had before was this.

The URLs of nearly 6~70 websites were not redirected and were 404... sweat
It's Saturday night, so I'm going to take a break from here again and start updating the craft store tomorrow!

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