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Cause of redirect page 404 status

Cause of redirect page 404 status

When I woke up, I felt the same as yesterday, not feeling well.
It's Sunday, so I didn't have to work too hard and stopped updating the handicraft store.

I'm so absorbed in my craft work that I don't have much web-related information these days, so I'm just writing like a web guy.

yesterday Redirect page was in 404 state I left out the explanation in this, but this is also a must for SEO.
It seems to be difficult, but in Joomla it is easy if you have knowledge.
If you search for the detailed setting method, you can find a more easy to understand explanation.

In the beginning, I have 'htaccess.txt' in Joomla package, so I will set it for my site.
If you make a mistake in the setting or the meaning, you will get many redirects, but in such a case, you can undo it and fix it to the correct setting or give up. It's important to remember setting mistakes as experience.

By the way, this time, Alaudae.JP changed the file and folder name in order to make it easy to understand in the contents. As a concrete example.

Old URL links: ''/'ME'/'YOU'/'THAT.html'
New URL link: ''/'ME'/'WHO'/'THAT.html'

But I realized later (yesterday) that if I change the folder or files under the 'YOU' folder in the old URL link in the new URL link, I need to redirect them in the new URL link.

As a concrete example.

Old URL links: ''/'YOUR'/'WHO'/'YOU'/'stranger.html'
New URL link: ''/'ME'/'WHO'/'stranger.html'

If you want to use the

Old URL links: ''/'YOUR'/'WHO'/'YOU'/'stranger.html'
New URL link 1: ''/'ME'/'WHO'/'YOU'/'stranger.html'

and then set the redirection to

New URL link 2: ''/'ME'/'WHO'/'stranger.html'

Again, it's like redirecting to
Redirection can be set by default in Joomla, and 'htaccess.txt' is not required.
But if you are familiar with it, you can probably finish it in 'htaccess'.

I used a file or folder with a Japanese name, but you can actually use it in Joomla.
It's like the Punycode conversion function of the Japanese domain, isn't it?
JP does not use the file and folder of the Japanese name except for the Japanese domain, because I think that the correction at the time of the trouble seems to be troublesome and knowledge becomes necessary, and Alaudae.JP uses the file and folder of the Japanese name.

I'm not sure about the explanation, but I've actually confirmed that the old URL that appears in Google and Yahoo! search results is a 404 before the correction, but after the correction, it links to the new URL.

I'd like to go into more detail, but I don't have the ability to put it in writing to begin with, and a detailed description would take days.
So these are my memoirs.
It's my personal journal to not be troubled when I forget it.


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