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Multilingual URL

Multilingual URL
main site, Alaudae.JP, has been modified in multiple languages because the template modification version of the shopping site has not been provided yet.

The multilingual Alaudae.JP is available in two languages, Japanese and English(en).
There are many ways to make it multilingual, but the way Alaudae.JP classifies languages is usually to add the top URL of Alaudae.JP to
  • Japanese
  • English
If you want to use Czech (cz) in the future, you can set the domain name to 'en' after the
  • Czech (language)
and you can make it multilingual.

Here's what's wrong with you!
You'd think that this would automate everything and make it into each language, but it's not so easy.
From here on, it depends on the functions and extensions of each CMS.

So language translation, there is no fully automated CMS yet.
Even if there were, it would be too expensive for ordinary people to use.
Alaudae.JP into Japanese and English (en), but I was not satisfied with the agreement of categorized page site URLs.

As a concrete example, if you look at the URL of the site page in the 'Announcements' category, it might be easier to understand...
The URL of the 'Notice of summer holidays in 2019' before the correction is


So, if you don't mind, there's no problem with this URL. So what's the problem?

Japanese  summer-leave-2019.html
English     summer-leave-2019-en.html

The reason is that there is a difference in the file name between '-en' and the English version, and if you can delete the English version of '-en', it will be recognized as the same page site URL. So I did my own research and modified it, and now it's


All the site URLs are the same except for "en/", which is required for the English version, even if you switch the language to
JP site, so I had them fix everything in the Alaudae.JP site.

What the hell is this? And may be thought of, but you may not be able to do than CMS to use, this alone is the difference as a SEO measure. Fixing these will also eliminate the discomfort of switching between languages.

Even if the Japanese version of the site is sophisticated, I often see sites that can't be viewed properly due to the use of old templates when switching languages. In particular, there are many cases where, even if you are using multiple languages, when you switch languages

  1. Be sure to jump to the top of the site.
  2. The layout and content will change.
Doesn't this bother you? Aren't you going to fix that? I think. And worst of all.
  • It's all jumped to a PDF file.
It's also a shit-heavy image pattern, which I think would be better served as a file.
Even if you make it multilingual, it's meaningless in this situation, and I don't think we've done anything to prevent it from becoming multilingual.

It can be said that we have made it multilingual by being able to use multiple languages as well as the main site, and Alaudae.JP is aiming to build a better website.

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