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Cooking server now

Cooking server now
I've been busy preparing to open a handicraft store again and again and again.

The opening day was cancelled due to sudden trouble.
Every time I see the scheduled opening date in the search results, I feel empty.
It's easy to delete the page, but as a reminder to myself, I'm correcting the correction and showing it.

After all, it makes me realize that there is no point in working alone, even if you plan in advance.
So after this experience of knowing the importance of conveying certainty, I decided on an execution date instead of a schedule.

As of now, a definite opening date has not yet been determined.
I'm still not sure which server to use.
To be honest, it's easy to relocate, but there is a compatibility between stable operation and transfer capability, so I'm overwhelmed by the decision.

If it ends like this, "You haven't really done anything, have you?" So I've included 5 images of the website this time.
The basic template of the website is the "JP Store" which is a demo version of the template introduced in Alaudae.JP.
The reason I use this template is that I don't need a paid shopping cart, which seems like a high cost for a small business, and I have the freedom to customize the design. However, there is no Japanese version and some knowledge of web construction is required.

Well, maybe it's my selfishness that I think a simple overseas shopping site is easier to see and use than a jumbled layout like a domestic shopping site.

We are working hard every day to get it ready to open.
And I can't wait to make a basket!

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