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Baumkuchen that you can't eat (2)

Baumkuchen that you can't eat (2)
Split the width? Rip? The work is done and the last few days? Sticker pasting the product number that will be sold in the material.
All that work was also completed today, October 22, 2018.

It really took longer than I expected to apply the product number stickers.
After all, it's quite hard to apply the product number sticker with a fingertip that is not normal.

But there are so many colors, my memory is so bad, I absolutely need a product number sticker to keep track of it! So, I managed to put a sticker on it. If you have the will to do it, you will give it shape.

And as you can see in the picture, we have 53 colors of baumkuchen that cannot be eaten. (Image is 21mm.)
There are 159 colors in total because there are '21mm,15mm,6mm' in one color.
(The background is blurred due to filming in a dirty workshop.)

After tomorrow, I'll be shooting for a website, which I'm not good at.
We don't have a store, so product photography for the website is a must.
It's a work that requires a lot of sense, so it's a high hurdle for an old man without sense.

But once you've done these things, all that remains is to wait! Basket knitting!

For that matter, what about the October opening this month? How do you recover from poor health?

He was the head of the old man's legion with many worries.

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