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Carryover decision in 2019

Carryover decision in 2019
Is this the effect of the arrival of the winter general? All work was suspended until yesterday, as conditions suddenly began to deteriorate on Tuesday of the previous week. During the break, I thought about a lot of things and decided to open the site again and again.
I am very sorry for those who expected it to open during 2018.

It will be January 11, 2019.

I did my best to do my own thing.
But it's all new to me, and I get impatient with the "unseen pitfalls", which cause me to get upset, which in turn causes me to get sick, which in turn interrupts my work. It's a feeling of self-destruction with a sense of impatience, and I also realized that there's nothing good for me if I continue to operate in this state.
In that case, I thought it would be better to keep the margin and open at my own pace for the future, so I decided on the opening day.

In addition, I found a server that I didn't have a deciding factor and am testing it.
If there is no problem with this server, it can be operated at any time as long as it is done with minor modifications on the website.

It is very frustrating that we were not able to open during 2018.
But the store is more important after it opens.
I'd like to use this frustration as a springboard to fix what I can and open a better store.

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