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I'm fine though I fell in love

I'm fine though I fell in love
Alaudae, the second project of Alaudae.JP, will also open on January 11, 2019.
As expected, the number of accesses to the site has not been high since it was opened with no actual store and no advertising, and is still only for materials and materials.

But the biggest challenge was securing a place to sell.
I'm glad I was able to complete it, because I think it would be possible to sell it immediately without a physical store.
Also, we have to understand what's wrong and what's lacking from the beginning, so we just have to do our best from now on.

Anyway, I'm very happy that I was able to secure a place to sell it.
It's just a matter of what to make with those ingredients and what to do with them...

But I'm missing something from the store.
I'd love to have a forum or bulletin board.
If it's a one-way sales only, it's easier and more efficient to use a major online shop.

But Alaudae.JP Store is all about spreading the word of crafts in the community.
I want to do handicraft rather than store advertising and accessibility for a while, so I can't do it right away, but I'll add a forum as soon as I can.

I don't see any customers...
Now I can understand Kiki, the main character in "Kiki's Delivery Service" very well.

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