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Now is the time to build the Web!

Now is the time to build the Web!
I feel better for the chronic illness that affects the seasons, The construction of the suspended store site has been resumed.
A few days ago, I found a good new template and tested it until yesterday, However, I occasionally abandoned spending time introducing extensions to use.

So I started using the shop template that was originally a candidate from today.
Store site I want to fix it quickly and resume handicraft work.

Change the story

Now fighting 'Invisible enemy=Wuhan virus' in the world.
A delayed emergency declaration was also issued in Japan.

Although there are pros and cons to this emergency declaration, There should be no choice but to follow because it is the judgment of the politicians we have chosen of the people.

But despite this content being loose, Distracting dissatisfaction can only be felt as if there is no sense of danger.

Think of a country as a ship

If you board a ship, Even if there is disagreement, the captain should be followed, If you don't like it, you should get off the boat.
Captain's complaint, You should ask in normal times, Asking in an emergency means collapse.
Such a thing does not have to be a crew, I can easily imagine even ignorant me...

Without being instigated by public incitement, What is right, What is wrong, You should be aware that this is a situation where you need to judge for yourself.

It ’s the same every time, Because everyone is an unknown experience, Throw away your mistakes, You should go on the right path.

Just because of this situation, Why don't you build a website or renew your site in the future?

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