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Which way?

Which way?
As of October 12, 2018, the work is well underway.
Appropriate for the unseasonable illness I was worried about? It seems to be all right for now because of the long working hours and early sleep.

But it's still tough to make up for the month and a half delay, and the October opening of the handicraft site I was planning on is not going to happen...
But there's still about two weeks to go.
At the very worst, while considering the opening in November, we will continue to advance steadily and steadily.

So, what are we doing now?
We've already finished subdividing the nearly 50 colors.
Are you familiar with your current work? The size width is 15mm, which is the domestic standard.
The width of the pre-portioned size is about 22~21mm, which can be used as it is, but it's still 15mm!
And the remaining width is about 6mm (7~5mm).
But you want to break it up? Rip? It was the first time for me to do this, and I struggled against it.
But if you get the hang of it, you'll be able to split the width nicely.
However, the problem is that I can't get a clean beginning and end.

I've been working on this for a while now, and I'm just about halfway done today.
I can't wait to get this done and make something!

Oh, and before that, there was a photo shoot for the website that I'm not good at... crying...

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