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Don't look for accuracy so easily on the internet!

Don't look for accuracy so easily on the internet!
I was watching NHK news on TV while eating breakfast.
The effectiveness of hypochlorous acid water against Wuhan virus has not been confirmed, so I was warned not to use it. They are calling for it.

Apparently, the effectiveness of hypochlorous water is unclear, but the internet says it's effective and that it's not. It seems to have been done.
A user commented, "I wish the Internet would provide the right information."

That user's comment was followed by "NHK, you can't say that!" I muttered to myself, "Why?
Because lately, I've realized that we can't rely on information from the Japanese media at all. This is because the media is manipulating information.

The media's manipulation of information in Japan is so bad that even I, an ignorant person, find it uncomfortable.
I'm not going to spend a tremendous amount of time thinking about this stuff and putting it in writing, so I never do. ...

Returning to the topic at hand, I believe that the Internet is a tool, a right or wrong, and that it is not an end in itself. Right and wrong are judged by those who use and those who do.
If you take it on faith and believe it without confirming whether it is right or wrong, you will fail.

News, which seems to have a lot of users in Japan, is more than half of the information you need to look at with suspicion. All.
It's strange that you think it's safe because it's Yahoo!
Don't be fooled by a simple headline with a simple title, you should check the content and source.

Twitter's topic words in Japan are of no use.
It's completely manipulated.

I believe that if you want information on the internet to be accurate, you should first decide if it's correct or not. I think.
If it's credible, we'll start with positive. If it's not credible, I'll start with the negative.

As you gain experience, you will be able to judge right or wrong on your own.
However, it is impossible to be perfectly right or wrong, and there are many failures.

If you compare it to a carpenter's tool, if the sharpness of the blade becomes bad, you have to sharpen it again by yourself and fine tune it again. And finish up.
Oh, I don't know if they use a wrench nowadays, or if they don't use it at all...

A little out of place, but that's okay.
Too much confidence in the Internet is a recipe for disaster.

It's kind of chaotic out there in the cyber world, isn't it?

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