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Honey taste

Honey taste
Other people's misfortunes taste like honey

I was told this when I was in a hospital in Fukuoka after a traffic accident, and I learned the meaning of the word when I was told it.
If you say it in a language that I had never heard before, it's true that people find joy in the misfortunes of others and others to be a different kind of expression.

Naturally, when I learn of someone's misfortune, I feel happy, as if I'm going to say, "Look at you!" or "I knew it! However, I don't think about it forever or spread it around because I will be in the same situation.

It seems that the reason I keep thinking or thinking about such things is because I can't get out of the situation, or I don't want to get out (because I like this feeling).
I'm sure if you were a young man with no experience of unhappiness or despair, you wouldn't have known what you were doing, you would have been healed!
But once you get through all the sudden misfortune and despair in one fell swoop, you don't want to think about it, and it's stupid to keep thinking about it.
When I fall into such a feeling again, I have had a hard time because my mind and body are abnormally tired, and I don't want to do it again.

But I try to figure out why I feel that way.
Perhaps this is not a human idea, but an instinctive sense of the natural world?
Instinct? Genetic? It is the fate of a man to leave his descendants to the world.
It's also about passing on your genes to the next generation.
Therefore, it seems that if you know that others are even slightly inferior to you, you will feel satisfied.

It's an uneducated and ignorant answer that I can come up with, so I don't know if it's right or not.
But once you get the experience of social feelings and instinctive thinking, you come to this kind of thinking.

Or you could say that the 'taste of honey' is a mirror of yourself...

However, Japanese words are different from English words, and there are many expressions, so it is difficult to use them conveniently...

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