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Is human misery the taste of honey? thesis

Is human misery the taste of honey? thesis

Is human misery the taste of honey? thesis

Yesterday, the director of Kakunodate Animal Hospital emailed me an interesting PDF that he called and told me to read this.
It seems to be a paper on 'Honey taste' in the last edition of 'The Taste of Honey'.

It's true that people's misfortunes are about the taste of honey, but it's honestly too much for an incompetent person like me.
But when I read it, I was still convinced that I had the right idea.

There is no description of our natural instincts, but it seems that we do have a sense of envy that rejoices in our misfortunes.
What's more, this jealousy-like emotion was a painful surprise to his body.

Could it be that jealousy is an emotion to drown out the pain in the body?
Anyway, there was a treatise on the taste of honey for human misfortune because I'm too ignorant to go on and on about it.

What bothered me when I read this.
I'm worried that a relaxed or average education as a child will not allow you to experience a sense of frustration or inferiority, and that if you experience it for the first time as an adult, it will be an unproductive or crushingly painful way to resolve it.

It's true that feelings of inferiority and frustration should be experienced sooner rather than later in life.
I know this because I've experienced it myself that the further you go without knowing this kind of experience, the more repercussions there are.

However, you may think that this is not the case because you don't know how it will change depending on the person unless you actually experience it. If you are interested in a paper like this, I encourage you to read it.

'The Neural Basis of Envy and the Emotional Pleasure of Other People's Misfortunes' by Hidehiko Takahashi


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