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macOS Sonoma is going to love it

macOS Sonoma is going to love it

Yesterday, macOS Sonoma becomes available.

Every day they are building the web for the handicraft store and I am tired.

So, to catch my breath, I updated the Mac Studio operating system to macOS Sonoma.

And a clean install every time.


It took about six hours to complete the clean installation and configuration.

(macOS Ventura took about a day and a half to two days).

It is probably the easiest OS I have ever finished setting up in macOS without any problems.

The mail settings are cloud-based, so once the main address has been set up, additional addresses can be easily set up with a password.

External music (approx. 210G capacity) is also displayed without problems.

(The music has recently been synchronised with the iPhone after completely deleting the music data in the iPhone in order to synchronise it with the iPhone.)

After all, it may be the result of rethinking how to make macOS migration easier since the last time I lost my time machine password.

I'd like to list some simple tips and tricks, but I wanted to have time to build a web-based handicraft store, so I won't do so this time.

But I can say briefly that macOS changes every year, so it's better to use it as it is than to customise it to make it easier to use.

I'm hoping for early support for printers, as they are not yet supported.


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