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macOS Monterey and password

macOS Monterey and password
On October 27, 2021, I had the best time of the year in the morning, and used that momentum to do a clean install of macOS Monterey in the afternoon.
This time, I thought that macOS Monterey was the easiest Mac OS that I had used in the past to do a clean install without any problems, and I was able to do it easily.

But then I felt a sense of despair and loss.
When I proceeded to restore my data, the password for Time Machine, which was encrypted using APFS, was nowhere to be found.

Normally I would carefully back up the whole thing to an external HDD, or print out the password and then do a clean install, but this time I neglected to check and did a clean install.
It's never good to work in a happy mood...

I did it.
I can't find the password to unlock Time Machine with the encrypted password!

After the clean install, I realized that I hadn't saved the encryption password to my APFS-encrypted Time Machine.
I put the key in the safe and locked it.
This means that even if I want to open the safe, I can't because the key is in the safe!

But there's still hope...
I tried using data recovery software for Mac, but I couldn't find any files or folders that looked like they were there.

I have important data related to handicrafts, so I really need to recover it.
The data may be worth zero to others, but to me, it's worth several hundred million yen.

I can't give up so easily...
I called one of my classmates who is a Windows professional, hoping that he could recover the data.

"Impossible, that's what it means to have it encrypted."

The fleeting hope is cut off.
I knew it...
Encryption is the end of the road if you lose the password, and I knew that...

But I can't accept the reality that I can't remove the password of Time Machine encrypted with APFS.
I'm at a complete loss.

Still, I looked for a solution, hoping for a glimmer of hope.
If I can't recover the data, I'll quit the Internet business...

Then, I wondered if my daily routine was good.
I found Time Machine data on another HD, which I always do a clean install of my hard disk so it's rare to have any data left.

Data from January 29, 2021

This means that Time Machine data from 9 months ago can be recovered!
However, 90% of the latest data for 2021 will be completely lost, but the remaining 10% of past data will be recovered!

That means you can still continue your internet business...

However, the old data from 9 months ago needs to be repaired in various ways.
So I took the opportunity to organize my data to make macOS Monterey even easier to use, and spent about 13 days doing so.

Now, what did I do to manage the lost passwords? It seems like a good idea.
At first, I was planning to use a password management software, and I bought one app, but it wasn't very user-friendly.

When I checked it carefully, I found out that it seems to be possible to import/export passwords and that iCloud keychain management is easier than before. In that case, I decided to make good use of the "Password" item in System Preferences.
The password that I had written down so far was added to the "password" item in System Preferences.
You no longer have to print your password, and you don't have to waste paper.

I wondered if macOS Monterey was made for me.
Anyway, I'm very happy that I won't have to worry about password management anymore thanks to the "Password" item in System Preferences.

Also, there is nothing wrong with macOS Monterey in my environment.

The Music artwork display has also been improved and is now displayed immediately after migration as in the previous steps.
Since I switched from macOS Monterey to a method that does not leave saved data in the Mac itself by using iCloud or IMAP instead of POP, I no longer need to be aware of saved data when migrating to OS or devices.
Instead, from now on, it will be important to manage the server where the mail data is stored.

And Time Machine.

From macOS Monterey, I get messages like "2000 changes detected..." and "What percentage of your data is saved? I feel that the situation has become easier to understand than before.
In addition, because I organized the data? I don't know. I don't know, but it definitely seems to have become faster than macOS Big Sur.

I think this time I was advised by a Mac I've been dating for about 20 years

Don't remember it, feel it!

I'm going to continue to use my Mac with feeling.

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