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Changed to MacOS Big Sur

Changed to MacOS Big Sur
It took from the afternoon of November 15, 2020 until the next morning, and the clean install completed the process without any problems.
I'm disappointed to see that this is an installation process that took advantage of my failures and experience before Catalina, and I'm disappointed that I was able to migrate without any complaints.

If there is a thing, the artwork of Music does not appear.
This is a bug that is changed from iTunes to Music from Catalina and continues.
It will be fixed in the next update.

I am often said that setting is troublesome if I install cleanly every time, but I feel that it is useless to customize a setting if a new OS comes out every year from my past experience, and use the application as a basic setting. When UI etc. changed newly, I get used to the UI, or I only use it in the application which is easy to use.

In short, get used to it rather than complain, or use another app to make the time work!
I can say this all from experience from failure.

Is this an effect of the increase in apple users again?
I'm glad that the application software is now compatible with the new OS.
It used to take at least a couple of months for the new OS to be supported.
It would be perfect if this eliminates the need for backups of the old OS for tax returns

In addition, the OS was changed from 10 to 11 this time.
Apparently it's the first major update in 20 years...

I've been using Apple for 20 years now, since I started using OS X.
I think I only know how to use it like a beginner...

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