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We are currently working on subdivision

We are currently working on subdivision
As I mentioned in my previous blog, I'm currently working on dividing the products into smaller pieces every day in preparation for the opening of my handicraft store.

To be honest, since I do all the work myself, I've been searching for an efficient way to do it, and until today, I've barely been able to divide it into smaller pieces by making jigs.
It was all a design in my head, and I ended up going back and forth to Homsen several times for almost a day, or I ended up devising a jig, prototyping, operating, and modifying it, so what did I do all day? I'm glad that I can be aware that I've been working since I was able to use it.

Tomorrow we will begin the full-scale subdivision work.
However, it turns out that I'm going to spend more days subdividing than expected, so I'm considering what to do.
Well, it's all new to me, so I'd like to take my time and give it shape one by one.

Oh, I don't have time to take pictures, so I'll just take one this time.
The two appear to be the same color, but they are not.
That's why I have to be so careful with the subdivision process.

This time, the quantity is small, but there are plenty of colors, so you'll be lost in your choice of colors first.
If you can tell by the images, or if you're interested, hold your breath.

The rest is the website.
I'm not able to update this site due to the subdivision work, but I'm updating the version up, so the security should be fine.
There is also a new template that is so good that I want to use it in Alaudae.JP.
I'm tempted to use it, but I refrain from doing two tasks at the same time because it's too hard on my body.

I'd like to have a system in place to hire people as soon as possible.
But first, the season is about to change, so I need to take care of my health...

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