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I'm behind schedule

I'm behind schedule

The image is the original basket that I made around 2016.
Approximately 24cm in diameter and 18.5cm in height
The colors are all original pastel colors dyed white (transparent) of the PP band, made in Japan, using a dyeing agent that is eco-friendly to the earth and has no effect on the human body.
Today, I was looking for something and it came out, so I put it up.
There were a few others, but this is the only one I have on hand after asking to sell it or give it away.
I can't wait to create an environment where I can make baskets.

Now to the main point.
The work process is considerably behind schedule.
I'm finally able to work in normal mode.

There are no more excuses. In fact, I can't think of a good excuse.
So it's not just about catching up with the work process, it's about completing one process first. First things first, The second part of building a website We are committed to perfecting the.

However, it is very difficult because of the continuous abnormal weather.
But the biggest virus on the planet is "human", and there are catastrophes occurring all over the world that need to be seriously eradicated, aren't there?
A recent surfing of the net reminded me of the pollution to the earth, and I have been considering the future handling of plastic...


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