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Template JPStore demo site release

Template JPStore demo site release

The basic form of the shopping site is now complete.
It's been a lot of hard work.

At first, I was thinking of using JP Glamour as a template.
However, I felt that the E-commerce function that I had purchased about a year ago was not easy to use, and I decided that it would take time to build a web, so I tested another E-commerce function and bought a new one because it seemed to be compatible with me.
If that happens, the first template 'JP Glamour' can't use the new E-commerce function, so it's necessary to change the selection of the template again, and the template 'JP Store' is chosen.

This time, I thought there would be no problem and proceeded to build the web 'August 6, 2018(Potash)Demo version template up' I had silently uploaded a demo version of 'JP Store' to my blog as a (tentative) demo version, but I was worried about money-related problems.
'Translation is an important task' Now, all I had to do was to translate the money-related items into Japanese...
It's when you show that kind of leeway that the 'framers' will bite you! I'm bothered! An endless loop of incomprehension!!!!!
But you can't go any further if you give up here.
I reviewed the procedure and, thanks to you, I was able to answer it brilliantly.

It's a good feeling to be able to work hard and come up with an answer.
All that's left to do is to build a web site for a handicraft shop based on this basic form.

The heat was so intense that I worked on the 100th anniversary of the high school baseball tournament with a sense of joy and melancholy.
And tonight is the 'National Fireworks Competition' in Omagari.
Double typhoons and more, the summer of 2018 is unusually hot!
Everyone, please take care of your health.


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