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August 6, 2018(Potash)Demo version template up

August 6, 2018(Potash)Demo version template up

This is a demo version of the shopping site template.

Alaudae.JP Demo - JP Store

I thought it would be a little more comfortable, but the Obon Festival is coming up soon, and I thought it would be fine as a demo template even if it wasn't finished, so I updated it today.
However, I'm currently working on a shopping site that's about 80% complete, but the money-related one is untested, so think of it as a 50% complete template.
It's a shop site, so I thought the name of the template could be "shop", but the heat made me loose my thinking, so for some reason I ended up with 'JP Store'. The theme is also '(summer) fruits', but the content and images are not particularly meaningful.
You can register a (tentative) account and shop on the (tentative) shopping site. But this is a demo version, so please don't enter any personal or important information.

This template is going to be used in Alaudae.JP's handicraft related net shop.
After that, it is only good if safety, money-related plugs and Japaneseization smoothly migrate and function. Also, the Japanese localization of the template (is there an influence that I am used to?) It's been a surprisingly smooth process, so I'm happy to say that I feel like I can make up the days I've missed.
If you're a small online shopping site, this kind of online shop should be enough to run you.
More details will be posted before the 'Helping to Build a Web' starts.

The one thing that bothers me every time...
It's that I can't do two things at the same time by myself!


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