Unfinished web design

The second part of building a website

The second part of building a website

Is it just my imagination? It's more chilly than hot, isn't it?

Alaudae.JP which is not advertised in the Internet at all because I wanted to check the access of the Web site, but as expected, there is no access at all.
But is this the effect of using the domain name Rama Legion? There seems to be daily access from other countries (maybe spammers or crackers).

As I said on my website, I've been unemployed for more than a decade and all of a sudden I'm like, "Let me make a website! The only way to do this is to make the results on this website. That's why I was working on a demo web site first, and then I was working on how to provide it. But even if I'm an idiot, I need to rethink this.

Well, I started to do some handicraft-related work this week, which had been put on the back burner. When I say work, I don't make things yet. Because even if they do produce it, there are no stores that sell it!
But I decided from the beginning that this would be an online shop.
So, I decided to build a website for my handicraft shop as the second part of the project.

It's a shop, so of course you can sell it on the website.
I'm going to use JP Glamour for this template because it's meaningless if I can't sell it.
This is a template design suitable for local business websites such as fashion online stores, hair care and beauty salons.
Based on this, we will build a web site for a handicraft shop.

I'm planning to build a website and create sales products before and after the festival in Kakunodate.
Stay tuned!

Oh, but if you are interested in or want to commission a website made by a stern old man, please feel free to do so. to get in touch with us.

(Image republished on 08/25/2018.)


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