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Latest template・JPStella demo website released

Latest template・JPStella demo website released
JP Stellar, which has been Japaneseized with the new template since June 2nd, was released as a demo website on Alaudae.JP today. Today is June 11th, so I was able to translate the template into Japanese and publish it in about 9 days.
I've also uploaded the video to YouTube, so please check it out.
After all, it's easy to use, and I'm happy to learn how to use it to shorten the work efficiency.

Also, "JP Stellar" is the latest version of the template from the provider.
Some Twitter plug? I think it's a good template from a design point of view, except that the module function doesn't seem to be good, and the Japanese font doesn't have a good layout.
(16:44/added: When I checked the blog on iPhoneX, the text was elongated. In this case, even if you change the font size, the text will only be displayed small. If I have to fix it, it's going to be from the layout... (crying).
I thought it would be too much fun to use Akita dialect words in appropriate sentences every time, so this time I tried to use my own theme for the template.
This time, "JP Stellar" features a "kunimasu", a fish that was once a phantom, as the main character in "Honyarara".
There is no particular meaning to the text.

And it's an image that I struggle with every time.
This time, I tried to use previous Mac OS X desktop wallpapers for "Stella = Star".
But image processing is a really tedious task.
If it weren't for this work, I'd have half the workday. But it's important because the image dictates the design.
What do you think? JP Stellar this time.
If you like it, you'll be amazed at what you've been through.

The number of templates is still small, but now there are three types of templates to choose from, so it's just a matter of what form to offer them in. To be honest, this is my biggest worry right now.
Even if the product is good, if users are not satisfied with it, it is a waste of money.
I will do my best to provide it to you as soon as possible.

Please note that this template is not compatible with WordPress.
There are many users of WordPress in Japan and I have been using it for about 10 years. The version at that time was 2.x, but I remember that I couldn't build an ideal web site because of the strong blog-like elements, and I stopped using it. I considered using WordPress before starting a business, but I couldn't build an ideal web site yet, so I was not a candidate. But these days, it seems like you can use all the features you want to use.
So the standard templates I provide are not available in WordPress, but you can use them if you customize them. However, all templates are owned by Alaudae.JP.

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