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Devise if you imitate

Devise if you imitate

For the time being, I'll be able to focus on my handicraft work.
But I was surfing the net and I was amazed at what happened, so I decided to make a new template for Alaudae.JP when I finish knitting the bag I'm making now.

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You don't want to go online and find out that the original layout or template for your company's website, which you paid a lot of money for, is a free layout or template, or is similar to another company's website.

I found something like this in reverse, and I was stunned by it after the comment. 

Just as I sometimes improve my skills by imitating the famous ones in a painting, I also imitate and mimic.
I used to do this when I was just learning how to build a website, or design a website that looked good, so I would take the whole thing and understand how it worked.
So even if you're a self-taught person, you can memorize the basics to a certain extent. You can save time without worrying too much about

Also, the bag I'm making now as a handicraft is a good design when I happened to see it, and I'm trying to see if I can make it myself...

But I'm sure I'll make a decision if I can or can't, considering the situation around me.
When I build my own website or design, I first check for similarities in the local area and avoid using similar templates.

I don't mind being imitated, either.
But if you think, eh, but that's not possible, it's more of a stupefaction than anger, and it just makes you laugh. I'm amazed at how you can work like this...

Why go to all the trouble of going here when the internet is such a big place? I'm wondering, but...

I also have to be careful not to do this when I am commissioned or asked to do something like this.


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