Unfinished web design

Update Store Alaudae.JP

Update Store Alaudae.JP

Handicraft Store☆Alaudae.JP website has been updated to coincide with the start of handycraft sales.

Set up a wish list of paid hair extensions.
If you put it in your wish list, not your cart, you won't get lost even if you want a lot of items.
This also pays for a wish list that goes well with the template.
However, if the user-friendliness is improved, the use value should be increased, and this time it was installed.
Please give it a try and give it a try.

Fixed a few other bugs in the template.
・Corrected the layout collapse when looking at products on iPhoneSE, and the over display in the table at closing, etc
・Corrected the display of old URL links.

I'm still concerned about the glitches in smartphone use.
But even though it's a paid template, no template is perfect.
So we have to wait and see how much time we have left, and update it little by little.

Your shopping site is still in its infancy, but if you want to enrich your products, it's important to strengthen your website as well.
Our goal is to create a website that users can purchase with peace of mind, even if it is a sober task.


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