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Is look-ahead important?

Is look-ahead important?

The opening date of the handicraft store is officially set, and I want to refresh my brain, so I'm going to try to squeeze out what I don't know.

I don't know how long ago, but there was a TV program that said that Akita Prefecture had a pamphlet to cater to tourists visiting to Japan. Or a Web site? was translated into English and made the news.
It's true that the Tokyo Olympics is coming up soon, and Japan is promoting advanced tourism as a policy, so I think it's a good thing that the website is translated, but it's a problem for the management to make the website translated or not.

last time TV that loses curiosity But as I wrote, and I would add, I believe that television no longer tells us anything about what is important information, the source. It's because all the TV media (aired in Akita Prefecture) get their information from the Internet and air it...

I guess the trend is to look for what you want to know by yourself, or rather to judge whether it's good or bad by yourself?
But seeking accuracy on your own can be a challenge.
I'm an easy person to swallow and often make bad judgments...

What is strange is that there are many other important things to deal with tourists visiting Japan other than translation of the website, but they are not reported or not done in many cases. (This may be due in part to the fact that I rarely watch TV.)

For example, does a translation-enabled website support the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)? Isn't it?
From what I know, it seems to me that GDPR measures should be necessary to deal with tourists visiting Japan, but many of them are not.
This is not a story about a distant foreign country.
I think that if we are going to receive tourists visiting Japan, we should naturally keep that in mind.

The world situation is changing at a dizzying pace.
It should also be important to anticipate and respond to the situation.
Also, if you are running a website, it is essential to choose from a myriad of information to provide answers.

It's a hell of a time we live in...


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