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Scheduled for after the 2020 summer break

Scheduled for after the 2020 summer break
It's hard to get away from the air-conditioned room every day due to the extreme heat of the day, but in the last few days, it has started to feel cooler with the windows open at night and it's already autumn. I have an illness that is hard to manage and maintain, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the holidays to relax and unwind.

I plan to do that after the summer holidays.
ALAUDAE website and store are all done, and there is only a little bit of work to be done to fix and update the site.

Joomla!4.x, which will be released soon, we have a problem with the extension, and the provider of the extension will consider how to deal with it after the update.
And I haven't received any requests or inquiries about web building, so I won't be doing any web building at the moment.

So, from next week, I'm going to start working on my crafting project instead of building a web site.
However, if I receive any web building requests or inquiries in August, I can interrupt the crafting process.
But if I shift to crafting in earnest, I will refuse all but my own web-building this year.

It's just not possible for me to do both at the same time at the moment.
I can certainly get a better finish if I focus on one (web building or crafts) again.

Anyway, after the summer break, I'm back to working on the crafts I neglected for almost a year!
Because I am a private business, I cannot and will not work beyond my skills.

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