An idea that doesn't stick

Serious requests will be answered

Serious requests will be answered
I'm resuming work on my 'handicrafts' today.
It's been about a year since I stopped working on this one, and there is a lot I want to do.

In addition, I spent about a year building the web site, and I've strengthened the ALAUDAE related sites, so I'll only update it in the intervals of my craft work.

I know I say the same thing every time, but anyone can make a web site nowadays.
I will respond to inquiries from customers who are interested in building Alaudae.JP web site.
So, we don't do any sales for web development from Alaudae.JP.

You may think it's a high-handed, high-handed and lazy business.
But in the current situation where anyone can make or create a web site, we think it's just a waste of time to ask for a request.

Alaudae.JP is here to help you build your website and support you.
I don't see the appeal in simply creating a few pages and then handing it over.
The sites provided by Alaudae.JP are sites that the client and the commissioner themselves can operate with confidence in the future.

There is no perfection in a website.
Understand that it is an unfinished task that is forever being updated, which is why you need a web build that will attract your clients.

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