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Not bad iPhone, bad mobile company

Not bad iPhone, bad mobile company
When I changed my mom's phone at the beginning of this month, I was shocked when I checked the status of my iPhone X.
I signed up with AU for a new iPhone X (Upgrade Program EX) for work use, but I realized that this contract is a loss if I think about using it for a long time.

Originally, I was going to own the iPhone X after 4 years of payment, but in this case, I have to change the model and return the body because I have to pay a lot of expenses.

In addition, if you keep this contract, you will either have to change the model or cancel the contract, so it's just a lock-in.

So I've decided to give up the iPhone X body that I'm currently using.
But fortunately, I was able to change to iPhone 11 Pro yesterday because of the lack of popularity of the new model, and this time, I cancelled the upgrade program EX the day after the change.
There were some points for the privilege program fee, but it was hard to understand how it works, so I didn't bother and gave it up, knowing I would lose. Anyway, the body of the iPhone 11 Pro is now my own.
I'm going to pay the high price of the mobile phone company and buy a new phone from Apple next time.

However, Apple also admires how they release new iPhones every year, even though most of them are sold after two years or so at the earliest.
It's natural that new products are released every year, just like new products at convenience stores, so it's natural that they are not always right.

Also, at the time of iPhone's launch, only Mac lovers were interested in it, and I was looking forward to it being announced even with fake information, but now I'm only looking forward to it after it's announced because there's a lot of noise about fake information.

It's a good time to buy Apple products when you want them! I believe it is.
Even if you are obsessed with the specs, there are not many people who use up the full performance. Some people say that the price of a new product is so high that it's fine one or two years ago, but I would recommend buying a new product at least once, unless it's rated very badly.

Also, can't there be a system where the mobile company doesn't lose money and the unwitting purchaser loses money?
It's strange that the purchaser doesn't specialize in lump sum or cash lump sum payment.
Basically, the point is that those who have a good understanding of how it works only gain, and I think most people lose money without a good understanding of it...

We're moving to a cashless system, but when the system becomes a system where all the big companies make money, I feel comfortable paying in cash.
I guess a part of the profits of big companies and corporations go to the people who get paid and turn a blind eye.
Am I the only one who feels it's even worse than before?
Who benefits from having the people of this country stripped to the bone?

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