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What I thought while repairing the floorboards

What I thought while repairing the floorboards
The floorboards at home that squeak every time I walk, because I'm fat.
I used to be a carpenter, so I could fix it if I was healthy, but now it's useless and I can't do anything.
So, I asked them to repair it on consignment.

In order to make the job easier, I had to move all the household items in my own way and put them back together after the repairs were completed, but it was very painful. It took me about 10 days to do the work that would normally take 1-2 days to complete...

Moreover, I fell asleep for about a week until I recovered from the fatigue.

That's what happened from mid-April until yesterday.
During that period, I took a break from web construction and handicraft work.
But I've been wondering if there is a project that can be done in this emergency.

After all, what we can do now is to build a Web site.
I'm repairing the floorboards, but I'm currently repairing the site for the handicraft store.

Do you want to finish this work? I'm struggling with whether to suspend it and proceed with a thoughtful project.

Well, first of all, it's essential to maintain your physical condition.
I'm going to move forward steadily and steadily.

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