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the founder, the boss, bass guitar
Birthday: Septembre 28th
Horoscope: Libra
Country Sisters: since 1972


This is a beautiful music band full of talent from the Czech Republic. Their natural performances, instrumental performances and synchronized vocals are popular at country festivals around Europe.

I learned about the existence of Country Sisters from YouTube, but their live shows are very attractive, as can be seen from the videos.

Live performance uses wireless microphones and musical instruments, and moves freely into the audience to improve the live performance. Although there are occasional battery exhaustions and accidents, the live progress progresses with stunning responses. In a sense, this accident response should be fun to watch.

The name change and background are unknown. Prior to that, he was active in a music band called 'Jizerská Protěž' which was formed in 1972. Since 1985 the band has changed its name to Country Sisters and has performed more than 25,000 live shows in over 30 countries.

Sonia has been active since 1972 when the music band was formed (currently October 2019) and is a mom boss. It's wonderful that my age (life) is active in music.

There have been replacements of members in live activities for almost 50 years. Recently (several years ago) all members did not understand just knowing the existence, but listening to the sound source of the same song, each has its own characteristics, you can feel the era.The reason for leaving the member is unknown, but I guess it's a new music activity, most likely a marriage. This is because there is a good image that appears on the anniversary live etc.
Many live shows are held in Europe, especially Switzerland (very popular), France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and Slovakia. Other events include Australia, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Greenland, Iceland, Indonesia, Thailand, the Faroe Islands and around the world.Although it has not been held live in Japan yet, it has been confirmed by e-mail communication using Country Sisters' contents that if you are required to participate in events etc. and meet the conditions, you may come to Japan. (Organizers in Japan, by all means!)

The band's repertoire includes current country music, classical country, evergreen, Cajun, gospel, popular music, instrumental music, rock and roll. Apart from concerts, the band also records in the studio.

Country Sisters has already released 14 CDs and 4 DVDs, the latest CD will be included in 2018 and will be released in all countries where Country Sisters live. In Japan, you can purchase the e-Shop on the official website (purchased several times)

Participated in 'Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards' in October 2019
  1. Entertainers of The Year
  2. Outstanding Production of The Year
  3. People´s Choice
And three awards. But from the beginning, Country Sisters aren't surprised because they have more appeal. I'm glad that we did this live in the United States.
Let's enjoy the live performance (video) in the future!

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