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The website of Alaudae.JP (hereinafter “this site”), products sold and related services will be provided to users in accordance with the terms of service. Please read before using and agree to use it.Use of this site is deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.
This site has the right to be revised and changed at any time without obtaining the user's consent. This site will be published on the website after revision and change, and the user shall comply with the changed terms of use.

About sales products and related services

Products sold on this site and related services
  1. Website of this site
  2. Website construction with CMS / Framework and extensions recommended by this website
  3. Sale of templates and extended functions used in website construction
  4. Obtain and manage your own domain
  5. Sale of handicraft materials, import wholesale, production
  6. Sale of handicraft products
Sales price details are described again in Sales and related services.
Related services such as website construction, templates and extensions shall be able to be sold to users who understand and accept that they are not service products that can be guaranteed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the developer before purchase.

Points to note when using sales products and related services

We will strive to provide products and related services on this site to many users, but as a precaution, especially in website-related services,
  • Publication of articles that may adversely affect or undermine the healthy development of minors
  • Including adult content, sex business shops, sex business information, dating
  • Acts and expressions that violate laws, laws, ordinances, etc.
  • Solicitation of gambling other than those publicly recognized
  • Content that leads to crime or anti-social activity
  • Things that may impair the safety and reliability of the economy, such as fraud, misconduct, mouse training, and MLM
  • Harassment, slander, defamation, economic / mental information / remarks, privacy infringement, prejudice, ethnic / racial discrimination and similar expressions against third parties
There is.If it is determined that such a condition is applicable or inappropriate, the Company shall be able to sell, refuse to provide, or cancel the contract without recommendation of the products sold or related services on this site, and shall not be liable for any damages incurred in this case.
However, if there is no breach of contract on this site and does not fall under the above, it shall be a response in consultation with the user.

About Country Sisters Content

Country Sisters content is an unofficial Country Sisters fan page run by Alaudae.JP. The materials on the site are reserved on this site, but all rights are in Country Sisters. Also, the reuse of content and graphics for any purpose is strictly prohibited without the permission of this site in accordance with Country Sisters rules.

About demo content

The demo website is intended to help you visualize what the paid template looks like. Content including text and images is not intended to be used by third parties on the website.

About general support

We will do our best to support our products and related services. However, please forgive me for not being able to respond beyond the scope of the individual business.

About customization

Joomla! And Joomla! Products that are compatible with Joomla! Are referred to as customization, so that this site can be used. Customization refers to products that are uniquely Japanese in order to build a quick web. Some products are available in Japanese depending on the development provider, but we have translated the necessary parts in order to use them comfortably even after the update. Since it is a translation of a person who does not understand English, accuracy is not guaranteed.
For the approximate contents of other customizations, see
  • Joomla!body: high lying and not custom
  • Templates: Customize back-ends, front-ends, sentences in templates, and images according to state
  • Extensions: Customize the functional parts that are used by both the back end and the front end according to the state
It will be. If customization is not required, it will be only the original use, and paid support will be refused because this site is not in a state that can be supported.

About compatibility and updates

The templates, components, and modules of this site are developed by the developer to work on the self-hosted Joomla! site, which can be downloaded from All templates are designed to be compatible with the latest version of Joomla!, but we cannot guarantee that older templates will work with future versions of CMS. The template corresponds to the latest web browser. 
In this site, users will respond to one year of updates by purchasing paid support. Paid support can be determined on a yearly basis, and if it does not continue, the user's support and updates will not be possible. If you wish, we will respond by re-purchase, but we recommend continuing to use it because the additional cost will change depending on the version.

About license

The templates and extensions on this site comply with the GPL according to the terms of the development provider. The PHP parts of templates, components, and styles are all licensed under the appropriate GPL license of the parent platform. This does not mean that all products on this site are free. Users can use the support and updates from this site by purchasing directly from this site. Products from development providers that are not purchased directly from this site are not licensed on this site, so we cannot respond at all.

Other unedited parts, including images, CSS, and JavaScript, are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. The free template is published with all aspects of the template released by the developer provider under the GPL and MIT license, and this site uses it in accordance with the terms and conditions.

About copyright

All graphics, text, content and code sources on this site are protected by copyright laws and international treaties and may not be copied without the express permission of this site in accordance with the terms of the developer. This site reserves all rights related to the above materials in accordance with the terms of the developer. Also, in accordance with the terms of the developer, it is strictly prohibited to reuse content or graphics for any purpose without the permission of this site.

About ownership

You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of the products or related services sold on the Site that have been altered or have not been altered. すAll products and related services are the property of Alaudae.JP in accordance with the terms and conditions of the developer.
The above assignments do not apply to templates and extensions released under the GNU / GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE) license. See the GNU page for details on this license.

About the guarantee in the web construction

This site is provided "as is" after being customized to the product of the developer provider, and there is no warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The products of this site are customized for Japanese ization after the appropriate installation, activation, and option settings in the latest Joomla version, which are stable to the developer provider, have been confirmed to work correctly.
There is no guarantee of compatibility with third-party plug-ins due to too many modules, components, and plug-ins. In addition, the developer provider does not guarantee that it will work with all browsers, so make sure that the user works with the browser before use. 
Under no circumstances shall the Site be liable for any damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or indirect damages, or any damages arising from the use or inability of the Products provided to the Site by the Developer Provider.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The governing law of these Terms shall be the law of Japan, and the jurisdictional district court where the Site is located or the Summary Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance for any dispute arising between users in the products sold on this site or related services.
Established on May 31, 2018
Revised April 13, 2019

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