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'Alaudae.JP' is not a designer, but a designer of web construction. Don't Think. Feel!

Your ideal is
Pushing the ideal of experience to the fore will not produce a satisfactory website. Everyone wants to do something online, but if you can't envision the results, you can't create a website.
What do you want to do and accomplish with your website in the first place! Imagine the ideal and dream big and think of a website that you can run for at least five years.
The completion of a website should not be a dream.
Why five years?
This is what I learned and felt from running many free link collections, etc., and a site that has been running for around 5 years will evolve and change. However, if a site stops being updated after one or two years, it is because we have confirmed that even though the site is updated frequently only at the beginning, it is often neglected because of the decrease in updates from the middle.
I was so disgusted by such a site that I even stopped the site in the middle of it and left it there...
The ultimate is eternal and unfinished
I've had a lot of sites and content that I've thrown out during this time, and what I feel in running a site is that it's more important to keep going than to finish it. It's easy to say "keep going", but if you don't like it, updating it every day and working on it is just a painful task, but you keep going forever. It's exhausting to even imagine.
So it's just an ideal.
That's why I feel it.
Searching is like catching a cloud, and when I changed my design perspective to "don't think, feel" one answer came to me.
So, I realize that it's useless for someone who didn't start out as a designer to spend time and pursue design in ignorance.
have a flash in one's mind
It's a time saver to seek out what inspires you and use the design to your advantage. Design use" means to pay for a valuable design.
Don't get it wrong here.
Don't misunderstand me.
It is not plagiarism or plagiarism at all. It is an absolute no-no.
Don't Think. Feel!
That's a line from Bruce Lee. The phenomenal evolution of the Internet continues. Feel in your web. Is it new or old? Do you let them change and respond even in the way they were ten years ago or five years ago? Is it currently available without problems? Would you like to respond to such questionable evolution and change?

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