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About support

Country Sisters unofficial fan site Japan provides with the following support. Please read once before using.
The content may change depending on the situation.

About unofficial fan sites

The unofficial fan site is managed by Alaudae.JP and is an unofficial fan site of Country Sisters. Materials on the site are reserved on the site, but all rights are reserved by Country Sisters. Reuse of content and graphics for any purpose without the permission of the site is strictly prohibited in accordance with the rules of the Country Sisters.

Things to be aware of in support

Support refers to the support of Country Sisters as an unofficial fan site.
The basic idea is the same as Alaudae.JP's content, We support Czech music bands from Japan
  • Harassment or defamation of third parties
  • Expressions similar to ethnic and racial discrimination
  • Privacy infringement prejudice defamation
  • Information and transmission that cause economic and mental damage
  • Acts that violate laws and regulations
  • Gambling solicitation
  • Leading to crime or antisocial behavior
  • Fraudulent MLM etc.
  • Things that may adversely affect minors
We do not do any act that falls under or is considered inappropriate.

About videos and images

All websites use videos and images from the official website of Country Sisters or fan club sites, There are no originals except those that have been processed for use within the site. Please check the official website for permission to use.

About the accuracy of information

All information is provided based on information obtained on the Internet. Please forgive that we can not respond to information you do not know.
Established March 1, 2020

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