Cogito Ergo Sum

What Alaudae.JP thinks


It seems to read "corgito ergo sum" in "Latin".
The Japanese word is "I think (cogito), therefore (ergo) I am alive (sum)".
Seeing and feeling the meaning of these words has made me look again at the rest of my life." I am because I think, and I am because I am," and I write about my thoughts in a blog-like way.


I am aware that I am a person who has not made a social life or contribution to society for more than a decade. It's normal to ask such a person to "trust me and work for me," but if you don't trust him or her, you'll be told to "come back the day before yesterday.
If you give up there again, it's over. So what do we do?
I think it is important to show what we can do now, not in words, but in form.
So Alaudae's first project was to build its own web.
But nowadays, anyone can build a web site if they have a certain amount of knowledge.
If so, I challenge you to aspire to a high level of web building that you can expect in the future. We hope that this website will be the answer for Alaudae, and that the evolution and change of the website will become the trust of Alaudae.
But when it comes to working alone as a sick person, it's hard and the limitations are obvious. So in the beginning, don't expect too much in the beginning.

I said in the introduction.
That the first step in building trust is building the web.
That's right.
Alaudae's trust doesn't end with web building alone.
There are still other projects that I want to build trust in.
I hope you'll make more friends, establish more trust, and your dreams will grow.


Before I know it, 50 years of my life has already passed. How many more decades will you live? Or will it disappear now? Who knows? What do you do now with what you can do now? What do we do now? It's been a long time since I've been able to do that.


Alaudae.JP, the first thing to think about is not to disgrace the name of Alaudae, if you act or do it in the name of Alaudae.JP


I'll do what I can now

Doing something you can't do is just a waste of time and a nuisance to you." Alaudae.JP's trust and confidence will be strengthened by making "can do" or "can't do" clear.

Building an easy-to-use website

No matter how beautiful your website is, if it's not easy to use, it's meaningless. We will strive to make it easy to use and flexible enough to respond to evolution and change.

Wholesale of handicraft materials, production and sales

A craft I tried while rehabilitating myself after my illness. The handicraft store *Alaudae opens on January 11, 2019. We sell carefully selected materials and handicrafts.

I ♥ Country Sisters.

I'm a big fan of this Czech music band, and I've been introducing them on my blog and website as the main contents of Alaudae.JP.


“ホジネがらデギる夢がある。思うガ、思わネがソンたなゴド、ワしか知らネ“=“I have a dream that I can do because I'm an idiot. Whether you think it or not, only you know“

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