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Get to know the Country Cisters in this video
The number of views has already exceeded 40 million as of December 2019!

I just left the hospital about 3 months before uploading this video.
It was a time when I felt deep in my life and feeling desperate.

At that time, knowing Country Sisters can help you move your life in the right direction, and you can enjoy the rest of your life.
Isamu skřivan polní

Saved in Despair

“Until I met the Country Sisters, I didn't think there was any sound or music to save my despair. This is true.
If they don't, they don't really support far away music bands.”

Direct support is not possible

“I've been wondering what I can do.
Since the web building skills have improved in the past few years, support from Japan on the fan page, starting full-scale operation as content from around April 2019.
All content is composed of videos and images from the official website or other fan pages.”
Isamu skřivan polní
Isamu skřivan polní

Usage Account Name

“Web site:Alaudae.JP, Store.Alaudae.JP
YouTube:Isamu skřivan polní
Facebook or Instagram:Isamu Hibari
Everything is'雲雀=ひばり=ヒバリ=Hibari=skřivan polní=Alaudae' the same meaning.”

Country Sisters

“A group that taught me fun by singing when I was physically and mentally lonely.
I still haven't got tired of it since 2010.
Even if you can't understand the meaning of words, it's nice to be able to communicate.”
Isamu skřivan polní

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